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The rage today is to Bitcoin. We have all heard the forecasts of Bitcoin reaching values of $20,000.00, $100,000.00,
even a million dollars per coin.In the past we have seen Bitcoin literally go from a few cents
 to a couple dollars, all the way to over $19,000.00!!. With the new found interest in the Crypto Currency Market,
 there are thousands of new traders buying Bitcoins every week.

We have made it easy for you to get started in the Bitcoin market. If you simply just want to own a small bit of
Bitcoin to hold on to for a long term investment, you want to dabble in day trading crypto currency, or you are
serious about making money in the hottest market in the last 100 years, we have you covered.

Included in each package is the link to set up a Bitcoin wallet where you will store your secure cyrpto currency. Also
included in each package is the link to set up your very own trading account, where you can trade over 100 different
currencies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.You will be able to transfer your bitcoin to the trading account and then trade
it for any of the crypto currencies available on the trading exchange. Unlimited amounts of trades daily with low trading fees.
We show you where, how, and when to trade. Make 5, 10, even 50% A DAY!!


The following packages are available, payable through paypal.


The Collector Package

Includes .01 Bitcoin
Wallet Setup
Trading setup

Was $249.00 Now

just $199.00



The Trader Package

Includes .03 Bitcoin
Wallet Setup
Trading setup

Was $649.00 Now

only $499.00


The Pro Package

Includes .1 Bitcoin
Wallet Setup
Trading setup
1 hour FREE consultation

Was $1999.00 Now

discounted to $1499.00



One of the most exciting things we have just added to our business is a personalized trading consultant,
who is available to train you in the art of crypto currency trading. Learn from our consultant how to make the most on trades,
how to stop losses, when to trade for best results, and when to hold for the long term. Our personal consultant is available
by the hour,or you can save by signing up for ongoing consultingby the month.

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